The Artist

Who I Am

I Am in every moment

I Am all eternity


I Am the wonder of life

I Am ever new joy

I Am the journey

I Am the discoverer

I Am who I Am

Live your life to the fullest!


This poem has been given to me by a mystic and friend

Ronnie Fearon


Who I Am

Every moment,

day and night,

is a




Discovering Who I Am!

Energy art is magic

Susanne Byström


Susanne Bystrom was born and raised in Munkfors Sweden. She is a colorful, energetic artist who works with both conventional and less conventional methods in its creation . Susanne's art is energetic and many feel the healing of various soul wounds. She has traveled extensively and inspired by various gurus, shamans, voodoo practitioners and mystics among different indigenous peoples.


The idea for the Energy Art came to Susanne during a deep meditation in the forest in 2001. A thought about creating art that would help her and others to find the energy and effort that everyone has within himself. Unleashing this and failing to get the chance to live life to its fullest potential. After many crooked roads were creating serious reality in 2010 during a long stay in India.


"Art has become for me an elixir of life"

Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions

  • Art Exhibition "Bloomblast" Frilagret Gothenburg 2016
  • Art Exhibition Vedic Art Borås 2016
  • Participation in "En gränslöst rolig kväll" charity for Medecins Sans Frontier Borås 2016
  • Art Exhibition in Artist Karin Norelius house Österlen 2015, 2016
  • Art Exhibition Johannes Kyrka Gothenburg 2015
  • Art Exhibition Allegatan Gothenburg 2015
  • Art Exhibition Valand Academy Blå Stället Gothenburg 2014
  • Art Exhibition Allegatan Gothenburg 2014
  • Art Exhibition "Våld mot kvinnor" Röda Sten Gothenburg 2013
  • Mixed Media UNIARTGallery Gothenburg Sweden 2013
  • Halloween Exhibition Härryda Gothenburg Sweden 2013
  • Charcoal Exhibition Gyllenkroken Gothenburg Sweden 2012
  • Spring Exhibition Gyllenkroken Gothenburg Sweden 2012
  • Winter Exhibition Gyllenkroken Gothenburg Sweden 2012
  • Summer Exhibition Gyllenkroken Gothenburg Sweden 2011,2012
  • Winter Exhibition Gyllenkroken Gothenburg Sweden 2011, 2012
  • Shore Exhibition Arambol India 2010-2011


"When the student is ready, the master appears"

Schools and courses has been made possible.

Meetings with the masters and teachers have come in many different forms and the most amazing magical way to Susanne.

Art Education

  • Valand Academy Gothenburg Artistic Inquiry
  • Valand Academy Gothenburg Introduction to Contemporaty Arts and Philosofi
  • Several courses in art and sculpting

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